FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About PNW Apparel’s Charity Program

PNW Apparel’s 1=1 Charity Program is a simple idea with an enormous impact. Here’s everything that you need to know. 


You might have seen mention of a charity program while pursuing PNW Apparel’s website. Did you wonder what it was and how you could get involved? The 1=1 Charity Program is a simple idea that has an enormous impact. Playing a role in the program is as easy as shopping on our website as you normally would, but this time bearing in mind the positive change your purchase might have on a child’s life. 

Our 1=1 Charity Program is an easy and reliable way for you to give back to communities in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve partnered with the Salvation Army to donate one t-shirt to a child in need for every item purchased from PNW Apparel’s shop. So far, we’ve donated over ten thousand shirts to the Salvation Army, but we’re just getting started. With the help of our consumers, we plan to donate thousands more shirts to children in need. 

The Pacific Northwest is an area known for its stunning landscapes and wildlife, but it’s the people and communities that truly make this area home. Through the 1=1 Charity Program, we can work to make sure every child has good quality and comfortable clothing.

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Support your local communities by getting involved in the 1=1 Charity Program with PNW Apparel.


Do I have to purchase a t-shirt to use the program?

Nope! Any item that you purchase from PNW Apparel counts toward the 1=1 Charity Program. You can choose your favorite t-shirt, hoodie, beanie, or hat and we’ll match it with the donation of a t-shirt to the Salvation Army. 


Why the Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army has been serving its communities since 1865. Every year, they help almost 23 million Americans and offer assistance in 130 countries around the world. Their work and dedication is admirable. At PNW Apparel, we’re honored to partner with such an impactful organization. We love giving back to our community and want those who purchase our products to know their dollars are being put to good use.


Can I make additional donations along with my purchase?

If you would like to donate to the Salvation Army, please visit their home website here. By clicking the red rectangular box in the top right corner, you can select an amount to donate to the charity.  

There are several ways to give back to local communities.


Are there other ways for me to get involved?

We have a few different options for those who want to continue to get involved in their communities through PNW Apparel. The first option is to volunteer through the National Park Service or the U.S. Forest Service. We partner with both organizations, donating and supporting their efforts to keep our natural spaces looking outstanding for generations.

Another option is to make a purchase from our National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service product lines. With each purchase of one or more of these products, we donate a portion of the proceeds to each of these organizations respectively. It’s important to us that we continue to support the people behind maintaining and sustaining our parks and forests, and we choose to do this through donating a portion of our sales on these products. 


PNW Apparel’s 1=1 Charity Program is one of the ways you can give back to your community. Volunteering with your local forests or parks and purchasing from our National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service lines are another two ways to support local communities., 

For our mission statement and more information regarding the 1=1 Charity Program, click here.